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President’s Message


October 2020

  Does anyone remember Halloween last year? What did last year’s plans for Halloween look like? If you’re like me, I visited a couple of haunted houses, gave candy to strangers and threw one heck of a Halloween party! What am I doing now?  Well I’m not having a party, and I’m not costume shopping and I’m not preparing for the end of the Ride Calendar Year.

  In our last Board Meeting, we decided to make a change to the Ride Calendar. We decided to have the ride calendar run from Jan1st to Dec 31st. This change is effective immediately. There are two major reasons that we decided to make this change. The most obvious reason is COVID, the same thing driving most decisions this year. If you remember earlier in the year we closed down club rides for approximately two months when COVID was just starting to hit Florida and we weren’t really sure how to handle things and thought it safer for everyone to pause organized club rides.  In order to make up for that lost time we are extending the Ride Calendar this year.

  This change has a few benefits and not a small one is the ability to have the awards banquet in Feb or March at a time event spaces are as not highly coveted, and prices are much less. I hope I don’t get anyone’s hopes up though because, as previously announced, we are not going to have an awards banquet for 2020. So, this applies to Awards Banquet in 2022.

  As a little background information on why the ride calendar ran from November 1st to October 31st previously. It was primarily due to wanting to complete all club business before Director/Officer terms are up on December 31. Which would be an issue if there was ever a full replacement of the board, however in my time in the club we’ve never had more than a few positions change from year to year. So, we are confident that will have enough of a tenured board to handle the awards in the new year. Also a majority of the planning would be started at the end the previous year.

  Next I want to mention another item approved at the last board meeting. Due to an increase of Members riding eBikes and the view that those miles come a little easier with eBikes, those riders will not be eligible for the top mileage award. eBike riders will still continue to receive their 500, 1k, 2k etc. miles award they are only not eligible for the top mileage award going forward. I realize, of course, that this decision may not be well received by those riding eBikes and I will say that this policy can evolve. I believe that this policy, as well as all our club policies, must evolve over time to meet the needs of the current membership. If in the future we get to a point where a large majority of the club membership is on an eBike, a case could be made for a separate category for eBikes like we did for the new Limited and Everyday rider categories.

The last thing I want to touch on is the 2021 Board Positions. While we only have one position left to fill, if you are interested in ANY club position please reach out to me. If the current Director/Officer is committed to another year you could become their assistant so you can be ready to take over in the future. I would like to see all positions have an assistant so we can share the workload and have an easy transition when needed.

  Currently we are in need of a Ride Director and if you are interested please let me or Chris the current Ride Director know. As Ride Director you are primarily expected to set the ride schedule and coordinate ride leader training once a year. You are not required to run every Sunday ride and are encouraged to get alternate ride leaders. If you’ve been wanting your favorite ride to appear on the schedule more often, here’s your chance to make that happen.

If you see me out on road, please say hi. If you see me out on the road and you have a great idea for improving our club, please email me at

Thank you, .

Brian Reyes