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Potholes, trash or vehicles parked in the bike lane, other issues?
Report it now!

If it isn't reported, it won't get fixed.
Figuring out who "owns" the road is sometimes a challenge. Is it the State (FDOT), County or City? Persistence pays off. Generally call the Sheriff's Office  or Police Department for violations such as cars parked in bike lanes. 

In addition to noting location, pictures or videos can sometimes help in documenting problem. If possible, get case number so you can follow-up if issue remains unresolved.

If it is a serious problem, calling it a hazard in your report may get a faster response. 

FDOT-District 2-covers northeast Florida

  • District office 386-758-3700 or 800-749-2967
  • Jennifer Graham Bike/Ped Coordinator-Safety Specialist at 904-360-5636
    or email
  • Jacksonville Maintenance Office (covers Clay, Duval & Nassau Counties) 904-360-5200
  • FDOT Contract Manager for Duval County, Russell Gautreaux at 904-360-5245. For sweeping and minor repairs like potholes, can try calling contract agent directly at 904-329-2489
  • FDOT Contract Manager for Nassau & Clay Counties, Dave Nagasawa, 904-360-5267. For sweeping and minor repairs like potholes, can try calling contract agent, Jorganson Contract Services (JCS),  directly   at 904-778-2828
  • St. Augustine Maintenance Office (Putnam & St. Johns Counties)  Yongman Roberts, P.E., Maintenance Engineer 904-825-5047
  • For more general roadway issues, send a request to Traffic Safety Team (
Clay County

Duval County-see City of Jacksonville


Nassau County

St. Johns County
  • Call Road & Bridge Department at 904-209-0246. 
  • Sheriff's Office 904-824-8304 and ask for Traffic Enforcement to report car(s) parked in bike lane or text location, picture of vehicle with tag visible to same number.

Atlantic Beach

  • Call Public Works Department at 904-247-5834
  • Online by using the FIX-IT Form link on the City's webpage (
  • Police Department 904-247-5859

City of Fernandina Beach

  • Street Maintenance 904-310-3310
  • For bike lane issues such as debris or trash cans,  can also call Code Enforcement Office 904-310-3136
  • Police Department 904-277-7342
City of Jacksonville
City of Jacksonville Beach Beach

  • Call 904-247-6219 during business hours or 904-247-6278 after-hours
  • Email
  • Police Department 904-270-1667

City of Neptune Beach

  • Police Department 904-270-2413