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2022 Jacksonville Ride Of Silence

Jonathan Tomassetti | Published on 3/29/2022
Mark your calendar, for the evening of Wednesday, May 18, 2022, for the 20th annual Ride of Silence. This is a national ride made up of hundreds of local rides. Hundreds of cyclists are killed or injured each year. This national ride is to honor those that have been killed. Nationally, it is organized by The RIDE OF SILENCE ORGANIZATION. In Jacksonville, it is being organized by the North Florida Bicycle Club.

The ride exists to:
* To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
* To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
* To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD

If you have never been a part of a Ride of Silence, please make it part of your list of things to do in 2022.

The route will follow the 24-mile "In Towner" route.
We will ride north on San Jose Blvd. into San Marco, across the Acosta Bridge to Riverside Memorial Park. We return with one or two laps on the Acosta Bridge through San Marco to San Jose Blvd and onto the finish.